Plan I, “I” for “Internationalist”

Paris. An Internationalist Evening Against War, Racism, and the State of Emergency

It is at Mains d'oeuvres, a stone's throw away from the Saint-Ouen flea marcket, that the evening will take place. Taking advantage of the presence of revolutionaries from several European countries in Paris on December 5th for the occasion, Revolution Permanente cordially invites you to an internationalist evening against war, racism, and the state of emergency.

vendredi 27 novembre 2015

A concert by the group Zapatriote as well as speeches from activists and the actors of several recent struggles in Europe will give the evening a festive touch, while the political touch will be that of our rejection of Hollande’s liberty-killing and war-mongering headlong rush based on a pure manipulation of the heinous November 13th attacks, as well as our rejection of racist amalgams.

An Europe in crisis, and the return of the nation-state

The European continent these past months has gone through political processes that were just as new as they were complex. Tsipras’s sellout in Greece and the disillusions with the idea that a reformist and negotiated way out of the Greek crisis was possible that followed, the massive arrival of refugees that has caused European countries to seriously reconsider the Schengen space, the advances of the xenophobic far right in several countries, and even more recently, the terrible attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis.

Although by diverse paths, all these processes and events seem to lead to the same conclusion : the return to national borders has supposedly become inevitable.

On the far right, the amalgams and the openly racist declarations are thrown around freely. The tragic events of the past few days have given more and more credit to the xenophobic ideas that had already spread on a backdrop of mass unemployment and the arrival of thousands of migrants fleeing war in the Middle East and Africa. Since November 13th, a part of these ideas has been taken up by the socialist government itself and its “state of emergency”, like increased border controls and deprivation of nationality.

On the left, it is on a whole other level that the question is posed. After the failure of Tsipras’s strategy of negotiating with Greece’s creditors and the Troika, a major part of the radical left has adopted the idea that a “Plan B” is possible, but only by leaving the euro zone and returning to a national currency.

In order to discuss these important political events and the possible solutions, the members of the Revolutionary Communist Current in the NPA (France), Classe contre Classe (Spain), and the Internationalist Revolutionary Organization (Germany) organize an international conference in Paris the weekend of December 5th-6th. Moreover the situation since the November 13th attacks has added even more food for thought in these debates.

Against the state of emergency and war

To this we can add the permanent state of emergency declared in France, which will certainly be exported to other countries as we have already seen Italy and especially Belgium. Under the guise of the “war on terror”, this represents a qualitative leap in the security and repressive arsenal that will obviously be used in the future against all those who dare challenge the existing order.

These measures, inefficient to stop any future attacks, will be used against those who combat the profound causes of the development of terrorism and the so-called “islamist radicalization” that are unemployment, social misery, and imperialist interventions that do nothing but create chaos. These liberty-killing laws will also be used against activists who fight against the absence of another kind of “radicalization”, that of workers and their struggles, and the perspective of a society free from exploitation and oppression on an international level.

Our union is international !

“National union” as well as the unfurling wave of racism and war fever have made it necessary, more than ever, to make heard a voice from the other side of the barricade : the voice of revolution and internationalism, of solidarity between the workers and peoples of all countries, for freedom of movement and installation, against imperialist wars that are the breeding ground of barbarism, for a socialist Europe.

Thus, to celebrate internationalism and resister the state of emergency and the war, along with revolutionaries and workers of different nationalities, Revolution Permanente cordially invites you to its internationalist evening that will take place on Saturday, December 5th at 8PM at Mains d’oeuvres in Saint-Ouen. And, all with great music and discussions over a drink !


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